Our alpine.red pack combines 2 great alpine products for your dad’s enjoyment. The first is a piece of cave aged Gruyere from the Swiss alps and to match it in perfect harmony, the 2019 Mount Terrible Pinot Noir from Jamieson in the Victorian high country .

Mount Terrible Pinot Noir

Dedicated foodies and semi retired medico John and Janene Eason left the U.K. and looked long and hard to find their piece of paradise. They began the process of making a pinot in the tradition of a true Burgundian red. They found their ideal home on the sunny loam slopes of the Jamieson River valley, under the watchful eye of the towering Mount Terrible. After many years of trials, tears and experimentation they succeeded in 2006 producing their highly acclaimed pinot. Every year since sees the process repeated while battling bush fires, smoke, wasps, frost and all the other challenges working the land. Never the same, these truly individual vintages deliver something different but always special each with a unique personality. Typical for these passionate wine makers.

Swiss Gruyere AOP

To make Gruyere, raw milk is heated to 93 degrees F and liquid rennet is added for curdling. The resulting curd is cut into small pieces which release whey while being stirred. The curd is cooked at 110 degrees F and raised quickly to 130 degrees F. The pieces become shriveled which is the cue to place the curd in molds for pressing. The cheese is salted in brine for 8 days and ripened for two months at room temperature or a quick method: 10 days at 50 degrees F. Curing lasts from 3 to 10 months (the longer the curing period the better the cheese).

What’s Inside

  • Mount Terrible 2019 Pinot Noir 750 ml
  • Cave Aged Swiss Gruyere AOP 25 months approx 1.o kg

We provide detailed tasting notes, also how to prepare and serve the cheese. We also provide details as to how to store and keep the cheese in perfect condition.
That is if you don’t eat it all straight away!

We can include a card with your personalised message


Our packs are delivered refrigerated on the day of dispatch from our warehouse.
This eliminates the need for ice-packs and other non-environmentally friendly material.

alpine.red@home @ $110.00 includes delivery

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