If you think there is more to beer than refrigerated fizzy lager, then you will love our next masterclass. ‘Wine and cheese a match made in heaven.’ I hear you say. Get ready for ‘beer and cheese’, a night in paradise. The varied triumphs of our specialty cheeses are paired with a selection of craft beers. No longer just a quaffing thirst quencher, beer perfectly delivers a range of colours, aromas, flavours and textures ideally suited to match with some wonderful cheeses.

  Why not share your own private Zoom session on a second screen with friends or family whilst each participating in the masterclass in the comfort of your own homes ?

What you get :

You will have access to a live e-masterclass with our director and International Cheese Judge Ian Roberton. He will walk you through the wonderful world of cheese and beer matching. Log in details for the e-masterclass and a list of the seven beer styles chosen for separate purchase, will be sent once we have your booking.

Your pack will include 7 generous cheeses for tasting, You will also receive a list of the seven beer styles chosen for separate purchase.

  • Ashed Goat Cheese
  • Farmhouse Brie
  • Tanjil Blue
  • Cloth matured Cheddar
  • Manchego
  • Washed Rind
  • Reggiano Parmigano

You will receive approx 1.0 kg of cheese in total. The Ashed Goat is 150 gm all the other cheese are cut from larger wheels. There will be ample cheese for tasting.

All cheeses are selected from our aged and ripened stock. They are not pre-wedged supermarket cheeses. That’s not what we do.

Tasting notes; Include preparation and serving suggestions and advice how to store and keep cheese in perfect condition.

beerandcheese@home @ $90

Gifts or a thank you: We can include a card with your personalised message for that special someone

Delivery :

Areas outside Metro may attract a delivery charge. Please inquire when placing your order. There is NO delivery charge for most Melbourne Metro area. Our packs are delivered refrigerated on the day of dispatch from the warehouse. This eliminates the need for ice-packs and other non-environmentally friendly material.

Cheese Delivery 27/10/21 E- Masterclass Thursday 28/10/21 7.30 pm