As an international judge, I get to taste cheese that is produced all over the world. The expression ‘bench mark cheese’ is often used to describe great cheeses, some that have origins going back many centuries. With both innovation and tradition, we see what can be achieved. For some of us, it’s a trip back in time to a memory of a foreign land and story about the first time I had……….. For others its a chance to step in to the world of artisan cheesemaking.

 The range I have selected demonstrates what a great cheese can be.( The only problem is narrowing it down to these.) They are selected for you because of their provenance, their unique style, their adherence to a long established tradition and most importantly, because they are some of my favorites.

The world@home pack contains

Depending on availability some cheese maybe replaced with a similar cheese.

All cheeses are selected from our aged and ripened stock

They are not pre-wedged supermarket cheeses. That’s not what we do.

You can also order as a gift or a thank you for someone special.

We can include a card with your personalised message


Our packs are delivered refrigerated on the day of dispatch from our warehouse. This eliminates the need for ice-packs and other non-environmentally friendly material.

Price: $95.00 includes delivery. Some outer areas may incur a delivery fee you will be advised when ordering.

theworld@home @ $95