Bovine (in Latin )= Cow

     There was a time when you had to gather your courage, and with trepidation, enter a heath food shop to find goat or sheep milk products. Today, the market has diversified, and with growing interest in all things ‘non cow’, these cheeses are easier to find and are a desirable option on a cheese board. There is much greater interest from those seeking healthy alternatives to cow’s milk products and from consumers who simply love the flavours and textures found in non bovine cheeses.

     Our dairy industry produces high quality fresh milk of all varieties so it’s not surprising that we are seeing more variety , including buffalo.  Uses from pizza toppings to salads or on cheeseboards,non bovine cheese is now an integral part of the industry. There is always a place for the old and the new.


You can also order as a gift or a thank you for someone special.

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Our packs are delivered refrigerated on the day of dispatch from our warehouse. This eliminates the need for ice-packs and other non-environmentally friendly material.

All cheeses are selected from our aged and ripened stock

They are not pre-wedged supermarket cheeses. That’s not what we do.

Price $90.00 includes delivery. Some outer areas may incur a delivery fee you will be advised when ordering.

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